ReInventing Play

History of Grip.Toys & FLING! the Flyin Disc

Joseph Howard, PHIT WORX For Life Cofounder and Co-inventor of Grip.Toys is #ReInventingPlay with his latest design – FLING! the Flyin Disc.

As a high energy and active youth, Joseph Howard never missed an opportunity to participate in sports, athletic challenges or new discoveries.

The Age of Innovation is Now: Joseph Howard, FLING! the Flyin Disc designer and Co-inventor of Grip.Toys, was encouraged at a young age to stream creative thinking.

He also never missed an opportunity to get RAD anytime, anywhere. Before Joseph could walk he was riding a skateboard.

From an early age Joseph’s imagination and creativity were stoked by the stories he and his dad created together while driving, or flying, between California and Utah.

In the summers Joseph and his dad, an inventor and product innovator, would Imagine, Create and Improve their own Toys and Sporting goods (see Indoor Board Riding).

The first day of summer, between Joseph’s sophomore and junior years of high school, his dad said to him

“You don’t have a job and you are not on a sports team; I want you to work with me.”

And then Joseph’s dad offed this challenge:

“I want these few household items to serve as the inspiration for creating something that will significantly improve a great number of peoples lives. And, it can’t cost them more than 20 bucks.”

Grip.Toys co-inventor Joseph Howard testing and observing bounce qualities.

What started out as a therapy device soon became the inspiration for patent pending Grip.Toys high performance throwing toys, fidgeting objects and desk companions.

Hundreds of iterations later, through Active Discovery, FLING! the Flyin Disc was born.

FLING! the Flyin Disc easily fits in your pocket and is a good travel companion.

FLING! the Flyin Disc is not like other flying discs. You put it together.

FLING! can be flung 80 yards Outdoors and is safe to play Indoors or Outdoors.